NVIDIA's SHIELD Android TV Gets a New Helping of Games


NVIDIA has unleashed seven new video games for its set-top box with attitude, the SHIELD Android TV. Boasting the ability to play movies, TV shows and video in luscious 4K ultra high-definition, the new NVIDIA SHIELD is also an immensely powerful gaming platform that gives players access to a robust and constantly growing library of great games.

Whether you’re in the mood to play full-blown PC titles like CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher series streaming either from the cloud or by a nearby PC or the latest Android games optimized to look and play great on SHIELD, NVIDIA’s versatile device has something for everyone.

Here’s a look at the latest slate of new games now available on NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV.

Flyhunter Origins($2.97)

After a hard day making movies at Pixar, there's nothing that the team at Steel Wool Games like better than to spend their nights making games, and Flyhunter Origins is the result. As Zak, janitor on Flyhunter cruiser The Frog, you accidentally jettison a cargo of valuable insects, and with the crew asleep you'll simply have to retrieve them from Earth yourself. It's a good old mix of platforming and chase sections as you grab your Fly Swatter and hunt down the missing insects, all with looks and animation to die for.


Twin Runners 2 ($2.49)

Control two ninjas at once in this brain-tickling take on the endless runner genre. It's easy to pick up – by pressing a button you switch the ninjas' direction as they run into the screen, however they have different obstacles to avoid and switches to hit, and so you find yourself juggling the two in a brutally hard race to get to the end of Twin Runners 2's four levels. It'll test your reactions and dexterity to the limit, and its low-poly visuals are decidedly easy on the eye.


This War of Mine($14.99)

Experience war from a different angle in this challenging and thought-provoking game from 11 Bit Studios. Inspired by the Siege of Sarajevo, This War of Mine puts you in control of a group of civilians trying simply to survive in a besieged city, hiding from snipers during the day and only venturing from their refuge at night in order to scavenge for items that will help you stay alive. Strangers could provide help or might be out to rob you, and you'll have to decide whether to try and protect all your people or sacrifice some so that the rest can survive.


Xenowerk ($1.99)

Mutants are never good news, especially when they're the angry kind and they've overrun your giant underground lab, but they do at least provide an excellent excuse to break out the guns and start shooting. In Xenowerk there are 50 levels of mutants just waiting for some gunishment, and you're just the person to dish it out in a non-stop cavalcade of top-down twin-stick shooting. The further you get, the tougher the challenge becomes, and you'll need all the upgrades and special powers you can lay your hands on.


Windward ($9.99)

If you fancy taking to the high seas but you're not sure about what you want to do out there, Windward has you covered. It gives you your own beautiful, procedurally-generated ocean to sail around with, either alone or with friends, and lets you choose and customise your own ship and play how you want. You can set up as a trader, ferrying goods between islands, or instead stock up on cannons and go into the piracy business, and if that's all a bit much you can instead go exploring and discover tranquil bays where you can chill out and watch the sun glint off the waves.


Killing Floor: Calamity ($9.99)

If shooting angry mutants isn't your thing, how about angry zombies? Zeds, as they're known here, are the indefatigable bad guys in this spin-off from Killing Floor, a blood-soaked series of co-operative first person shooters for PC, and while they're less in your face in this top-down arcade-style version, they're no less dangerous. You can play it solo, but you're better off with a friend to help fend off the zombie menace, and it's crammed with a selection of favourite characters, perks and weapons from the original games, as well as all 10 Zed classes.


Pure Pool/Snooker ($5.23)

Chalk up your virtual cue and hit the tables without having to leave the safety of your couch, in this glorious simulation that not only looks amazing but plays just as well too. You can play against AI opponents or, if you're feeling on form, take on real human players online and try to claw your way up the Pure Pool rankings, with four games to choose from - American 8 Ball, Killer, Royal Rumble and Perfect Potter – as well as snooker, for anyone who feels they need a bigger table and more complicated rules.

The NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV is now available to purchase starting at $199.99.

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