Nvidia is giving away RTX ON keycaps, sadly not actual GPUs

Nvidia's RTX On keycap
(Image credit: Nvidia)

There’s a lot of uncertainty around the GPU market as 2022 charges onwards. We’re still dealing with a chip shortage hampering production, as well as miners continuing to snap up graphics cards long before they can ever get into the hands of gamers. So instead, brands appear to have turned to making GPU themed keycaps instead.

Nvidia has revealed a shiny brushed aluminium keycap with razed RTX ON font that it will giveaway on its social media platforms. It’s a small square keycap, unlike the Asus ROG GPU keycap that looks like a GPU complete with spinning fans, so it’s likely a more practical inclusion to your keyboard than many novelty options. It’s also less likely to bite your fingers off than something like these bad boys

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(Image credit: Colorwave)

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The blog post by Nvidia states that the RTX ON keycaps will be given out to fans that can show a passion for gaming, graphics and tech on the company’s social media pages. It also says there will be specific chances to win, so if you’re keen, keep an eye on those so you don’t miss out. This coincides with the launch of a new community portal the brand is launching.

GPU styled keycaps are a cute nod to what’s inside your PC, but on the outside. Like a little badge of pride over the card that powers your games. But it’s not a lot of help when most gamers are still crying out to even get their hands on one. It’s probably easier to win one of these keycaps than it is to buy a GPU for many people around the globe. 

Hold out hope though, as card prices are trending downwards and there’s the potential for oversupply once everything all shakes out. It’d be nice to see companies start bundling these keycaps in with new GPUs, as an added bonus as opposed to the aspirational keycap they likely will be for many.

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