Nvidia heralds PC as the "best gaming experience" in E3 press conference

Nvidia did some well-deserved strutting at E3 yesterday, showing off the superiority of the PC as a gaming platform. With charts and graphs and maybe just a teeny tiny hint of bitterness that AMD processors are powering both the PS4 and the Xbox One, Nvidia's Tony Tamasi told the room that “the PC is the most powerful gaming platform out there.”

You'd never hear this kind of honesty in the previous console generation, where AMD and Nvidia both had hardware inside the Xbox 360 and PS3. On finding themselves out of the console game for the foreseeable future, though, this is a sign of Nvidia becoming a more open, vocal proponent of PC gaming this generation.

“It's becoming more and more obvious that PC gaming is the best gaming experience right now, and that won't change even with next generation consoles launching,” Tamasi's presentation stated.

It's been a great E3 for PC , but there have been some frustrations. Games that are almost certainly coming to PC had their PC versions go unannounced during the console press conferences, and the Sony versus Microsoft title fight has absorbed a lot of the news coverage of the event. It's nice to see that Nvidia, now that it's free to speak its mind, chose to do some legwork to pump up the PC gamers in the crowd. It might not have been the press conference that PC games really deserved , but it was definitely a start.

Via PCGamesN

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