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New South Park: The Stick of Truth trailer shows us far too much of Mr Slave

The latest Stick of Truth trailer - shown at the VGA awards the other night - has finally been allowed to exist on the internet, which means we've been afforded another glimpse at what Obsidian have been working on the past few months. And, yep, it still looks indistinguishable from an episode of South Park. Sadly, one of the newer ones, but at least we've seemingly been spared another Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse-style catastrophy - Stick of Truth seems to entirely get what South Park is about. You can watch it below, if you're suitably prepared for a barrage of racist insults, gaseous expulsions, and oh God what is Mr. Slave doing

I'm still not sure where the cutscenes end and the action begins, and that's as much a compliment as it is a frustrated desire to see some uninterrupted gameplay of Obsidian's latest. But at least it looks and sounds the part, cramming in more references to previous episodes than you can shake a Stick of Truth at. Moses! Mr Hankey! Professor Chaos!