MMO fight: WoW blogger demands an end to Rift posts

MMO purity seal

In what is either a genuine call for World of Warcraft purity or a subtly brilliant Rift marketing scheme, a WoW-centric blogger has created a campaign, complete with a badge that you can post to your site, to designate his and other WoW blogs as "Rift-free zones," in response to what he considers to be an excessive amount of Rift-related posting cropping up in the wake of the fledgling MMORPG's well-received release. He's got a fair point: after all, you don't come to PC Gamer to read about Mario's latest adventure.

Is this legit? The blog only dates back to January 2011, and the author's Twitter account goes back several months before, with 157 mostly WoW-related posts. If it's a cleverly orchestrated scheme, it would've required several months' worth of planning, all leading up to this. But of course, stranger things have happened. What do you guys think?