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Minecraft mod adds terrifying tornadoes

Youtuber "Cordon Freeman" has thrown up a video of the scary but awesome tornado mod he's working on for Minecraft (spotted on Reddit ). It dynamically snatches blocks, fire and even pigs from ground, wraps them into a central funnel and then scatters them across the landscape, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

Cordon says that he's released an early version of the tornado mod for people to play around with. We haven't had a chance to test it out yet. To be honest, we're slightly scared of it. Its creator says he might work it into a bigger weather mod. We'd quite like to see some volcanoes. What do you think?

For more amazing Minecraft mods, have a browse of our roundup of twenty of the best, here's part one , and here's part two . You'll find Cordon's instructions for installing the mod below.

To Install/Use:

  • Requires ModLoader

  • Copy the zip file into your %appdata%\.minecraft\mods folder

  • Create the Tornado Item from the top recipe in the picture inside zip file

  • Extra configuration is possible, mod_EntMover.cfg inside %appdata%\.minecraft\config

Tom Senior
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