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Might and Magic Heroes VI: Shades of Darkness illuminated in launch trailer

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Until we as a species decide whether Ubisoft's turn-based strategy RPG series features an 'and' or an ampersand, there will always be war - grim grammatical war of the highest order. But at least we've benefited with six games and a gajillion expansions' worth of (mostly) fun Mighting and/& Magicking (opens in new tab) - and now there's even more to sink our teeth into. Shades of Darkness is a standalone expansion to Might and Magic Heroes VI that features "15 new units and 20 hours of gameplay", in a story set 100 years after the events of the last game. It's also out now (tomorrow in the UK), in addition to a Complete Edition of Heroes VI bundling the whole lot.

Panthers, pummelling and quite a lot of purple awaits you in the following video. If you're wondering what we think of Might and Magic Heroes VI, well you only had to ask (opens in new tab) .

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