The Overwatch Summer Games returns for 2020 with Lucioball Remix and new cosmetics

The Overwatch Summer Games have returned for 2020, and you know what that means—it's time to play some Lucioball

This year's event introduces a "faster, more chaotic" game mode called Lucioball Remix, which puts two balls in play through the entire match. When a goal is scored, the ball will respawn after a brief pause, but players will not reset like they normally do—you just keep on playing. 

Bonus balls, worth bonus points, will also spawn in occasionally, and a couple of Lucioball maps are being changed up to keep things moving quickly: Busan is getting new pillars and surfaces to enable more opportunities to go wall-riding, while Sydney will have "a ton of jump pad surfaces" added.

Lucioball will also see some mechanical updates for 2020:

  • You can now crouch while midair to lunge down to the ground.
  • Lucio’s cooldowns are much shorter.
  • Lucio’s boop and punch range are increased.
  • Lucio moves a little faster.
  • Jump pads launch players a little higher.
  • Added gamepad rumble to goal-scoring moments.
  • Mercy rule: Games end early if one team has a 5-point lead. (10 points in Lucioball Remix.)

As usual, players can pick up some limited-time sprays, icons, and Epic skins by winning games in Quick Play, Competitive, or the Arcade during the Overwatch Summer Games.

Week 1

  • Win 3 Games | Baseballmari Player Icon
  • Win 6 Games | Union Jack Spray
  • Win 9 Games | Union Jack Tracer Epic Skin

Week 2

  • Win 3 Games | Golfmari Player Icon
  • Win 6 Games | Sand Castle Spray
  • Win 9 Games | Sand Castle Bastion Epic Skin

Week 3

  • Win 3 Games | Surfimari Player Icon
  • Win 6 Games | Ice Cream Spray
  • Win 9 Games | Ice Cream Orisa Epic Skin

This year's event also adds new cosmetics to the mix including five Legendary skins (Tropical Baptiste, Lifeguard Pharah, Fiskaren Brigitte, Karate Doomfist, Surf’s Up Echo) and three Epic skins, a pair of new highlight intros, a new emote, three poses, seven player icons, and two sprays. The 2020 Overwatch Summer Games event is live now and runs until August 26—full details are up at, and you can check out some of the new cosmetics below.

Andy Chalk

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