Lords Mobile prepares to put players through the Trials By Fire

lords mobile
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Lords Mobile has been leading the pack in mobile MMOs for many years now, largely thanks to their developer IGG continuously releasing major updates, and a millions-strong community that has shaped its world through alliances, shared adventures, and of course, war.

One major factor that has made Lords Mobile such a hit is its community events. And this summer is no different, as players can enjoy a new game mode and a huge event this month. 

Trial By Fire

PvP has drawn many players to Lords Mobile, but the new Trial By Fire game mode is here to heat things up on the PvE front! 

You won’t suffer any troop losses during the Trials, which should encourage experimentation among creative players. Change up your troops, swap between Heroes, switch out equipment, Talents, and Familiars, and find the formula that propels you to victory.

You can play up to 50 Trial By Fire stages a day. Either speed through them using Auto Battle, or manually test out different strategies. It's an event that's sure to challenge (and reward) the best Lords and Ladies. 

Lords Homecoming Event

That's not all. From July 11 to July 24, you can also take part in the Lords Homecoming event, which is divided into five stages:

Team Up With Old Allies!

Invite old allies to return, and win Artifact Coins.

Homecoming Gifts!

Returning players can spin the wheel for a chance to win up to US$1,000 Amazon Gift Cards.

Invite Old Allies to Return!

Earn many rewards and spoils by inviting old allies back to the game.

Enjoy New Server Rewards!

Seeking a fresh start? Link your account in an old Kingdom to a new account in a new Kingdom for a load of bonuses.

Share Your Stories!

Share your stories of valour and victory, and cement your legacy by having them showcased on the event page.

What is Lords Mobile?

lords mobile

(Image credit: IGG)

Lords Mobile is a blend between a strategy game and an MMO, which throws you into a strife-torn world reeling from the death of its emperor. Whole Kingdoms are up for grabs, and castles loom over the land, waiting to be conquered. You start out with a single fort - upgrading its buildings, conducting research, and training troops - before your ambitions will invariably have you setting your sights on neighbouring kingdoms.

From there, you expand your lands, forge alliances, organise your armies and spread your reach while thousands of other players on your server try to do the same. Battles take place in fully animated 3D, so you get to watch your strategies and carefully assembled armies unfold in real-time.

You can download Lords Mobile for free on the Play Store, App Store, and Steam, and explore a vast fantasy world of conquest and glory!

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