Just Cause 2 gets a deep discount on Steam alongside Multiplayer Mod release

Like a carnival barker standing in front of a strange-looking circus machine, the wonderfully chaotic Just Cause 2 wants you to take a ride. Syncing up nicely with the official Steam release yesterday of its massive—and free— Multiplayer Mod , JC2 is seeing a steep discount. The 80 percent price drop to $3 on Steam for the standard version of the action game runs through December 19.

It's not the first time and it almost certainly isn't the last time we'll see a deal like this for JC2, but with the full launch of the Multiplayer Mod, there's likely to be maximum-level shenanigans going on. With its giant Panau playground, which on some mod servers could potentially hold many thousands of players simultaneously, you'll be chasing cash and wreaking havoc. There are also plenty of servers with smaller player counts, for those of you who might want a more contemplative skydiving and stunt-flying experience. It's a giant playground and real showcase for what a dedicated modding community can accomplish.

Check out our Mod of the Week feature for tips on navigating the mod as well as an intro to some of its various limo-racing, jet-hijacking possibilities.