Jedi: Survivor update fixes bounty hunters neglecting to kill you, but this is not the performance patch you're looking for

An image of Caij, a nautolan bounty hunter, tilting her head with a winning smile. She is wearing a wide-brimmed hat with goggles.
(Image credit: EA / Respawn Entertainment)

The quest to save Star Wars Jedi: Survivor from its bumpy entry into the gaming atmosphere continues with a new patch that promises to stomp out an issue that's been plaguing players trying to take down the Haxion Brood. The bounty hunter side-quests—which involve working with the stylish Nautolan Caij Venda—have been riddled with buggy blaster holes.

In May, players reported a bug which stopped Caij from cooperating in her duties to save your hide from Jedi hunters. Would-be completionists found themselves stumped as Caij outright refused to tip you off to your next target: and without her conversations to trigger their spawning, they just stopped showing up. In some cases Caij would even become invisible, which is a very extreme way to back out of a side-gig.

That should no longer happen, while other patch notes include the lowering of crash rates, tightening up the blaster handling, and one rather concerning addition: "The training dummy on Jedha was sneaking around. It has now been immobilized." I'd never personally noticed Jedha's stormtrooper dummy shuffling around like a Weeping Angel from Dr. Who, but I'm very relieved it won't be able to enact its revenge for all the blaster shots I bullied it with.

Concerningly, there's radio silence on solving the game's lingering performance issues, something players are still struggling with despite nearly two months of patches behind them. It's frustrating that these barriers are still getting in the way of what I'd otherwise consider a smashing game, but you can't blame players for growing tired of the glitches. Much of my playthrough has been spent wrestling with tanking frame rates, with several key moments sidelined by bugs—such as when I plummeted through a piece of imperial ship geometry during the otherwise thrilling intro sequence.

Hope springs eternal, but this is still a high-profile PC game that badly needs a performance tune-up months after launch. I'd recommend Jedi: Survivor to anyone who enjoyed Fallen Order, but these problems hang over that recommendation with a Death-Star sized asterisk.

Harvey Randall
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