Insomniac would ‘love for Sunset Overdrive to come to PC’ if given the go ahead

Insomniac Games’ larger-than-life open-world third-person shooter Sunset Overdrive launched in 2014 as an Xbox One exclusive. It remains narrowly tied to Microsoft’s latest console hardware, however it seems the Californian developer would “love for it to come to PC”, should the powers that be allow it. 

In response to player queries via Twitter yesterday, the studio’s official account was asked if a PC version of Sunset Overdrive was being considered—against the burgeoning popularity of the interchangeable Xbox Play Anywhere scheme that allows games to be played both on Xbox One and Windows 10. Insomniac replied with the following: 

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In a separate tweet, Insomniac reiterated its desire to the see the switch, noting that “the ball is in Xbox's court on it.” It’s also understood that Microsoft allowed Insomniac to maintain rights to Sunset Overdrive post-launch, so long as it remained an Xbox One exclusive. 

Sunset Overdrive of course predates the Play Anywhere initiative, and while Microsoft Studios declared "every new title published from Microsoft Studios that [it] showed onstage at E3 this year will support Xbox Play Anywhere" in June, Phil Spencer told us on Twitter that although Microsoft wants its games to land on both Xbox and PC, this will depend on the fit.   

Which begs the question: is Sunset Overdrive a good fit on PC?