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InSomnia has a new, playable prologue chapter and Kickstarter campaign

It’s been two years since Andy wrote about InSomnia, the creepy “dieselpunk” RPG set on a floating, intergalactic space colony. The concept remains as appealing as ever, except Mono Studio needs a bit more money to get it finished. You may remember they raised around $90,000 back in 2014 (in addition to their own funding), but now they need another £50,000 to keep going.

To coincide with the new campaign Mono has released a playable prologue chapter – footage from which you can see embedded below. Those who have already backed the previous Kickstarter campaign are encouraged to do so again thanks to a bunch of rewards and incentives you can read more about on the old Kickstarter page. These include previous digital rewards being doubled.

According to the studio, work left to do includes “polishing the content, cutscene revision, adding icons, adjusting animation and sounds, optimization, improving usability, implementing secondary content, and fixing the little bugs that could take away from the experience”.

You needn’t back the game before getting access to the prologue chapter, so you might as well give it a shot. Or else you can just watch the footage below.

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