Imperium Romanum now free to PC Gamer readers

Imperium Romanum

How would you like a free game? We're giving away a copy of Imperium Romanum: Gold Edition to all of our readers, courtesy of Green Man Gaming. Imperium Romanum lets you build and manage a city in ancient Rome. You'll have to fortify your city to keep your citizens safe, and keep them entertained with Gladiatorial Arenas, while saving enough money to construct some of the iconic architecture of the age, including the grand Colosseum. Read on for details on how to claim your free game.

To download your free copy of Imperium Romanum, simply enter the code below at Green Man Gaming .


The code will work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and will let you download the Gold version of the game. It comes with the Emperor expansion pack, which adds four extra campaigns, new buildings and larger maps. Enjoy!

Tom Senior

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