How long is GreedFall?

Greedfall length
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How long does it take to beat GreedFall? GreedFall is a narrative heavy RPG with lots of dialogue, exploration, and plenty of questing. How invested you are in its fantasy colonial setting, the island's factions, and your companion characters will determine how many hours you exist in this dark, war-torn world.

There isn't too much busywork in GreedFall, so play times will be extended not by collectibles (there are precious few of those), but on how badly you want to have all the possible options available to your protagonist. If you want to get a sense of how it plays, keep an eye out for our review of GreedFall before diving into the world of Teer Fradee.

How long is GreedFall?

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How long is greedfall

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Rushed: 30 hours
Casual: 35-40 hours
Completionist: 45+ hours

There are six factions and five companions in GreedFall and naturally, they all want your help achieving their own agendas on the island. Though you'll have plenty of opportunity to gain experience and level up—even if you don't choose to invest time in one or two of the factions or companions—you'll set yourself up for better dialogue options at pivotal moments by befriending everyone you can. There are a few extra activities in GreedFall on top of the main and side quest lines which we've laid out for you below.

In a rushed playthrough, avoiding side quests that don't interest you and factions that you don't care for, you'll likely still have about 30 hours of gameplay in GreedFall. GreedFall is heavy on dialogue, all of it fully voice-acted. Just getting through the main quest and enough side content to keep you properly leveled will should see you through those 30 hours. You may be able to do it in less if you relentlessly skip through dialogue, but what's the fun in that?

In a casual playthrough—where you're just taking on the side quests that interest you—you may decide to romance a companion and complete all of the personal quests for most of, if not all five of, your party members. Depending on how much time you spend exploring, reloading saves to try out different approaches to quests, or attempting to nail that charisma check, you may add anywhere from five to ten extra hours. A casual playthrough will likely come in around 35-40 hours.

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If you really want to complete every side quest, explore every nook of the map, and even nab some Steam achievements, you'll likely spend 45 or more hours in GreedFall. Here are some of the tasks you may get up to in GreedFall if you're willing to spend that amount of time in Teer Fradee:

  • The Arena: The Coin Guard runs a (literally) underground fighting ring where you can take on five challenges consisting of three rounds of enemies alongside your companions. They get more difficult, naturally, so you'll likely have to visit several times before you can check it off your list.
  • Campfires: You don't need to visit all these fast travel points to complete the game, but there's a quest for locating all 41.
  • The professor's notes: Professor Serafeddin has left a number of notes scattered across Teer Fradee. There's a quest for finding 16 of them, each detailing information on the legendary creatures of Teer Fradee.
  • Mission boards: GreedFall's smaller villages and outposts have mission boards where basic fetch quest-style contracts can be obtained. They can improve relations with a faction if you're struggling to woo a certain group. Be careful, though, many of these missions will fail if you do not address them within a reasonable amount of time.

After completing GreedFall's story, there's still value to be had in going back for round two to see how aligning with various factions affects your journey. If you need another RPG to sink your blades into after beating GreedFall, check out our list of best RPGs of all time to find your next adventure.

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