Here's when World of Warcraft: Legion will unlock in your region

The reason behind all those sick days tomorrow is that World of Warcraft: Legion is launching late tonight/very early tomorrow morning/late tomorrow afternoon. The time depends on what part of the world you live in, obviously, and now Blizzard has detailed exactly when WoW's latest expansion will be going live.

Here's when you'll want to be sat primed by your keyboard, ready to embark upon an expansion that makes some pretty big changes to WoW's core:


BST: 11pm August 29

CET: 12am August 30


EDT: 3am August 30

CDT: 2am August 30

MDT: 1am August 30

PDT: 12am August 30


AEST: 5pm August 30

If you've not been following Legion news, make sure you click on the above link, and check out Richard Cobbett's summary of how WoW is finally heading towards its endgame.

Ta, PCGamesN.

Tom Sykes

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