GTA Online's Vespucci Job is worth a spin this week with double GTA$ and experience

As part of its ongoing Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series (try saying that after a few pints), GTA Online introduced The Vespucci Job last week—an Italian Job-inspired police chase 'em up, complete with knock-off Minis. For the second week running, the new mode is subject to double GTA$ and RP. 

I loved 1999's Grand Theft Auto: London, therefore the idea of touring an old school Mini Cooper-like brief around San An appealed to me—even if I wasn't immediately sold on The Vespucci Job mode itself. After jumping in last weekend, though, I really enjoyed careering around downtown Los Santos, both as the boys in blue and behind the wheel of a nimble Weeny Issi Classic. 

As the Mini in each 3v1 scenario, you must evade the law while collecting 15 checkpoints inside five minutes. As the cops, you must stop the Mini. I found the latter to be trickier—and thus more fun—as, despite outnumbering the getaway car three-to-one, maps are filled with narrow lanes and sharp bends that squad cars struggle to navigate. Like, say, Motor Wars, The Vespucci Job boasts multiple missions, each of which is set within a different corner of the map.

I'd love to see more of this cat and mouse-style approach fed into GTA Online's heists, or even its story-lite supply missions. Speaking to the latter, Smuggler's Run Sell Missions are also subject to double RP and GTA$ from now through April 30, as are Hotring Circuit races and Stockpile bouts. A selection of aircraft are on sale this week too—not least the Nagasaki Ultralight and its Havok counterpart. 

Of GTA Online's upcoming updates, Rockstar says: "On Tuesday, May 1, swerve around underwater mines, glide through sunny mountain ranges and boost through air gates as you compete in the latest addition to the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series that feature fan-favorite vehicles from The Doomsday Heist: the Imponte Deluxo, Ocelot Stromberg and Mammoth Thruster."

More details on that and all of the above can be found on Rockstar's Newswire