GOG kicking off massive holiday sale this weekend

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The holidays are nearly upon us, and you know what that means: family members, all of whom require expensive gifts because your undying adoration isn't enough. Fortunately, that's what holiday sales are for, and who's to say your Twilight-and-Bieber-obsessed little sister won't, like, totally OMG go nuts for an exceedingly M-rated copy of The Witcher 2?

It all kicks off on Thursday, with Witcher 2 lopping a whopping 40 percent off its price tag and throwing in a copy of Witcher: Enhanced Edition free of charge. Once the weekend proper hits, GOG will start handing out free codes for games like Master of Orion I + II and Realms of Arkania I + II. After that, for 48 hours, everyone will be able to nab a free copy of Empire Earth: Gold Edition. Monday, however, is when the floodgates really open, with "virtually every single game" in GOG's catalog slashing its price by 50 percent until January 2.

Go here for the full details.