Godfall invites you to loot your enemies and destroy a deity

VIDEO: See the Godfall trailer above. Also on YouTube.

I do love a game that lets you bring down a mean god. Godfall's deity, Macros, sits above an army of vicious goons and you, a Valorant knight, have to take all of them down with swift combos and sweet special abilities. We got a special look at the game at the PC Gaming Show 2020, as you can see above.

As a Valorant knight, you are uniquely capable of equipping 'Valorplates', which are suits of armour that grant you different abilities. It makes me think of the game as a high fantasy take on Warframe, but with less crafting and more looting the bodies of your enemies. According to the Playstation blog, there are five weapon classes to play with, and you can fight with up to two friends in co-op.

Godfall looks exciting from a technical perspective, and as a Destiny player I do very much love a punchy game with loot. If this ends up being a colourful over-the-shoulder Diablo then I might get sucked in for dozens of hours.

Godfall is being developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox. Counterplay created the ace and underappreciated Duelyst, which we liked a lot in our review. I look forward to seeing how that expertise for creating a sandbox of abilities in a card game translates to this hack 'n slash format. The game's due out later this year.

Tom Senior

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