Giveaway: Win a Digital Storm gaming PC and a copy of Total War: Rome II

Friends! Romans! PC gamers! Want a free copy of Total War: Rome II —and a beefy new gaming PC to play it on? We're giving away a Digital Storm Bolt PC and a copy of Creative Assembly's newest strategy game to a lucky new general.

To enter, first go to the PC Gamer Facebook page and like us (you like us, you really like us!). Then fill out this handy form and hope for the best. One lucky winner will receive a Digital Storm Bolt custom gaming desktop PC, along with a copy of Rome II. Five still-lucky runner-ups will get a copy of Rome II for their existing gaming rigs.

Entries need to be submitted by Sunday, Sept. 22, and you only get one entry per person. This contest is for US readers only. Check out our Total War: Rome II review to learn why the Gauls should be crushed. Good luck!


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