10 of the best guns in Ghost Recon Wildlands and where to find them

Ghost Recon Wildlands opens up right off the bat, allowing you to go anywhere on its expansive map immediately after creating your character. But you're limited to what guns you can include in your loadout, and though you can find new ones from enemy drops, they don't stay with you once you abandon them. In order to add weapons to your permanent selection, you'll have to find weapon cases scattered across the map. It takes some doing to find them all, though, and some are better than others. What follows is ten of the best weapons to have in your arsenal across and where to find them.

Do your homework

No matter what weapons you go for, gathering intel helps immensely, revealing all the weapon case locations in a region. To do that, just go to an occupied location and look for exclamation marks, which point to either intel caches or lieutenants. Intel caches only need you to interact with them, but lieutenants require you to grab and interrogate them. Either way, you'll get three options of things you can reveal in that province. You'll need to choose the Skill Points option for the first time you do this in a province in order to access the option to reveal all weapon case locations, which is only available the second time you grab intel there. Once you do, look for the markers with gun and a plus sign to see where all the weapon cases in that region are. Hover over one of them to see exactly what gun is in that particular case.

ACR (Assault Rifle) 

The ACR is a great assault rifle to use if you can shoot straight. It has excellent damage and handles well, but you'll need to compensate for its below average accuracy. You'll find this gun in Media Luna in the village of La Loma, just north of the Media Luna Bravo rally point. The weapon case is in an empty yellow storage crate by the river.

TAR-21 (Assault Rifle) 

The TAR-21 is a great option if you're in the market for an assault rifle that can take on vehicles. Its penetration power is top notch, though you'll still take a hit in the accuracy department. The TAR-21 is in the Montuyoc region in the town of Choza Padre, which is just south of the giant lake in the middle of the province. You'll find it in one of the upper floors of a house just east of the story mission intel point.

 MK249 (Light Machine Gun)

The MK249 is a great weapon for providing suppressing fire, with a superior range stat and high rate of fire. The light machine gun is in Malca at an outpost north of Icoya and right next to the lake on the southernmost end of the map. It's couched between some boxes at the end of the road to the south of the outpost marker on the map.

Scorpion EVO 3 (Submachine Gun) 

The Scorpion EVO 3 is the opposite of the MK249 in that it's great as a close-quarters weapon thanks to its low recoil. To get it, go to Koani and head for the combat outpost south of the town of Huertas. Look for the case in a hangar bay.

PSG (Submachine Gun)

For those looking for superior accuracy in their machine guns, the PSG should be your weapon of choice. It's in the San Mateo base south of the train station. Look for an ammunition shed with an exploding grenade sign to find the case.

L115A3 (Sniper Rifle)

The L115A3 is the best sniper rifle for dealing with pesky vehicles thanks to its great penetration. You'll find it in the El Yayo Cooperative in Monte Puncu, to the west of Chaca Barracha

SPAS-12 (Shotgun) 

The SPAS-12 makes for an excellent weapon to use to go up against large groups in small spaces due to its impressive rate of fire. Snag it in F.O.B. Vibora in La Cruz, which is southeast of Khochi. It's in one of the side buildings along the main stretch.

SASG-12 (Shotgun) 

The SASG-12 is a shotgun that can do a massive amount of damage if you can handle it right. Grab it on the very eastern edge of P.N. de Agua Verde at an outpost just north of Arroyo Baya. Look for it in an open red storage container.

D-50 (Pistol) 

With fast reload, great handling, and impressive rate of fire, the D-50 pistol is a straight upgrade from your default one. You can get it in Libertad at the F.O.B. Oso Hormiguero, which is south of the Libertad Charlie rally point. Look for an ammo shed to find the case.

MSR (Sniper Rifle) 

The MSR has fantastic stats all around, and is an easy one to grab right when you start. Go to the western end of Montuyoc and find the mines there to get the case inside. For more details on how to find the MSR and why it's so good, check out our dedicated guide.

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