Gauntlet getting 'free major content update'


Last year saw the release of a Gauntlet reboot — a classic series brought back by a developer (Arrowhead Game Studios) known for its ability to make great four-player co-op action games. But for some reason, it didn't quite work out as well as people might have hoped.

But all is not lost — months after the game's initial release, a big, free content update is coming to Gauntlet with the aim of fixing what was originally a so-so experience.

Emil Englund, game director at Arrowhead, wrote these words in a post on the dev's blog:

"In truth, we were never fully satisfied with how Gauntlet turned out. So, rather than just fixing little things here and there, we have been working on the core of the game to turn it into what we originally envisioned.

"This will mean a free major content update for the game, including improvements to the Campaign and the Colosseum as well as a brand new game mode."

As well as the detail-lacking new content announcement, Englund also points out that community matters for Gauntlet will now be handled directly by the Arrowhead team.

It's good to see a studio not just throwing something out there and forgetting about it — and on top of that, wrestling control of communication with the players away from the evil corporate suits (n.b. there's no proof anyone involved was actually evil).

Gauntlet in its current form, as released in 2014, can still be picked up on Steam right now.