New Multiplayer sneakfest Sneak Out has a host of dirty tricks for Hunters to use

We've already talked a bit about Sneak Out on these here pages. The multiplayer stealth game has been anything but quiet on the internet, making all kinds of noise as top streamers like Annie Fuchsia and PEGTV have been putting it through its paces in the super-successful stress tests. We've already seen giddy streamers running around a haunted castle hiding and sneaking away from a pursuant Hunter, but let's dig into some of the unique mechanics that make these monsters so threatening.

The premise of Sneak Out is simple: at the start of a match, six players (who are Penguins, because why not?) initiate a ritual in one of the many eclectic rooms of a haunted castle, with one of the players getting transformed into a Hunter. The other players must then run, hide, and set traps—whether for the Hunter or each other—as they seek to escape the level.

It's very easy to pick up and play, but there's a boatload of tricks to master for the three unique Hunters (otherwise known as Seekers) you can play as. First up, there's the matter of movement. Hunters are pretty oafish creatures, leaving footprints and kicking up a racket wherever they go. Thankfully, you can use the 'Sneak' action to offset these giveaways, helping you catch those hapless Penguins off guard. Each Hunter also has a basic attack to deliver the final blow to their victims.

Reaper Hunter in Sneak Out

(Image credit: Kinguin)

So what does each Hunter bring to the table? First up, there's the Reaper, eager to swing his deadly scythe to accelerate a Penguin's path into the afterlife. The Reaper has an excellent 'Blink' ability which teleports him several metres—perfect for springing nasty surprises on your victims. His Death Run, meanwhile, is a speedy sprint that closes the distance when those pesky birds are flitting just out of scythe's reach.

The Scarecrow hunter in Sneak Out

(Image credit: Kinguin)

Next up is the Scarecrow, who can plant and throw Pumpkin Bombs to turn Penguins into pingu stew. Up to three can be planted around the map at any one time, so try setting them up near breakable walls, tasks, and other spots that your victims might be tempted to traverse. His second skill is his Crow pal, who increases your range of vision and can spot players through walls.

Running around a castle balcony in Sneak Out

(Image credit: Kinguin)

Last but not least is the Vampire, the most agile of the Hunters. His Blood Lust ability gives him a temporary speed boost as he ravenously seeks to feed, and he can also transform into a bat, flitting over walls and other obstacles before swooping down on his victims.

Within each match, you'll get to upgrade your Hunters with a mini-progression system too. Every time you eliminate a penguin, you'll level up, getting a choice of two randomised upgrades to improve your hunting ability—be that better vision of penguins' footsteps, or a reduction in negative effects caused by traps and other penguin machinations. Then, when just one Penguin is left on the map, your levelling bar will slowly but constantly fill, building your momentum as you bolster yourself with upgrades while your final victim frantically scrambles for the exit.

Flying into a level in Sneak Out

(Image credit: Kinguin)

So there are many routes to success for monstrously minded players. There's plenty to do between matches, as you kick back in the village hub where you can gather resources, goof around with fellow players in mini-games, and show off the swag, characters, and outfits that you can buy using the game's card currency. Sneak Out is creeping onto Steam June 6, so wishlist it now if you want to be among the first to set foot in its spooky corridors.