ZeniMax files a trademark for a Doom cheat code that unlocks everything, raising hopes of a new entry in the series

The cover of the video game Doom
(Image credit: id Software)

Bethesda and id Software parent Zenimax Media has trademarked the classic Doom cheat 'IDKFA', adding fuel to rumors that a new game in the landmark FPS series will be revealed imminently.

The trademark, which was originally filed back in January, refers to the cheat for Doom and Doom 2 that gave players all keys, weapons, and full ammo. There's some uncertainty around precisely what words the cheat stands for, whether it's 'id Keys Full Ammo', 'id Keys Full Arsenal', or some other formulation.

With Microsoft's summer conference just around the corner, the reappearance of the trademark has naturally caused speculation that an announcement of a new Doom game is imminent. The trademark states specifically that it covers "recorded" and "downloadable" computer game software, although it also states that it covers "records, discs, tapes, cassettes, cartridges" and even "downloadable electronic publications in the nature of magazines", so it's far from any confirmation that it relates to a new Doom game. IDKFA would be a pretty good name for a games mag though, if Bethesda hadn't already trademarked it.

This isn't the first time rumors of a new Doom have swirled like a green-suited space marine circle-strafing around a clutch of slavering demons. Last year, Microsoft accidentally leaked a release schedule which included a game titled "Doom: Year Zero". That schedule was already several years old at the time it leaked, however, and included references to Dishonored 3 and Ghostwire: Tokyo 2. Seeing either of those seems unlikely given Microsoft shut down Arkane Austin and Tango Gameworks last week, while Arkane Lyon is busy working on a Marvel's Blade tie-in game.

Nonetheless, id Software has been pretty quiet since launching Doom Eternal's two expansions in 2021. With four years passed since the release of Eternal, 2024 would be about right for an announcement of a new game in the series. Microsoft could certainly do with clawing back some goodwill after shuttering two of Bethesda's most beloved studios, and a new Doom from the FPS maestros might be a start.