Destiny 2: The Final Shape has had a rough start with some disgruntled reviews, but things are already beginning to even out

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Destiny 2: The Final Shape was feeling the wrath of some pretty disgruntled players on Steam as people flooded the reviews with negative comments after many experienced server issues yesterday during the DLC's launch. 

At it's worst, it dropped to 36%, mostly negative on Steam, as most players were frustrated at the server issues and delays to their experience. They claim Bungie should have been more prepared for the DLC drop: "Can we stop giving big companies a break when they fail to perform," one reviewer says. "It's not a small Indie company who you give the benefit of the doubt. It's a massive company with a lot of experience that rakes in crazy money they should be held to account for not being able to smoothly launch an expansion."

Server issues during the launch of an online game aren't unheard of; in fact, they're pretty common. While some people ask why companies can't just overestimate the number of players they'll get and prepare the servers accordingly, it's important to acknowledge that if a studio spins up more servers than needed, it will end up wasting resources if the game falls short of expectations. However, this doesn't mean that leaving negative reviews is wrong, as it gives prospective players a better idea of what a game is currently like. 

Although, we're already starting to see a change. As of writing this, the reviews jumped up to a mixed rating and will likely keep increasing as there are fewer server issues and more players actually get to experience The Final Shape for themselves. 

Some players are pointing out all the positives with the latest DLC: "Despite the horrible server issues on launch, this is legitimately a fantastic campaign and leagues better than Lightfall," a reviewer says. This is backed up by several others who agree that The Final Shape is "top tier" so far, and even though "the launch was really bad, that shouldn't be an issue that looms over the DLC for its lifespan." 

Destiny has already apologised for all the issues on Twitter and assured fans that it is working through them to try and find a solution: "If connection issues have blocked you from playing or enjoying The Final Shape today, we want to apologize. We’re hard at work trying to resolve each of these issues as quickly as possible, and many of the connection issues from this morning have already been fixed." 

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