Future Tech Award Winners 2020

Future Tech Awards 2020
(Image credit: Future)

Now that we've waved goodbye to CES 2021, it's time to look back at the past year with fresh, unsnarled eyes. The Future Tech Awards 2020 has come to offer you that hint of hope you've been searching for, by celebrating the brightest and best the tech industry has to offer. 

This is a chance to highlight the extra special people and products of the past year that deserve an honourable mention, for making 2020 just that little bit less unbearable.

The PC Gamer hardware team has already put together our own Hardware Awards for 2020, but it looks like the big boys up at HQ want a slice of the pie, too. Future covers every facet of technology, so the Future Tech Awards are a company wide pick of the best people and products of the past 12 months.

Anyway, the votes are in. But first, a look at the categories:

Future Choice Awards

Ok, so this is where Future HQ totally copied us. This category encompasses the most compelling technology, featuring everything from laptops, to smart home devices, to TVs like the LG CX OLED, and audio equipment like the Sonos One. All are exceptional technological feats, but maybe not all are as tightly related to PC gaming as ours were.

Check out which tech made the cut for the Future Choice awards here.

The Future Power 50 awards

This one's for the tech pros who've made a difference. We're talking content creators, executives, young professionals and product managers who hold the tech industry upright. These are the peeps that design and manage the intricacies of what can be a cruel and intense enterprise. Among this year’s winners, you’ll find folks at the very top of their companies, the people responsible for designing some of the best products, and even community managers helping keep fans and customers talking.

Check out the leaders in our field, the Future 50 is here.

Reader’s Choice awards

Our audience is our life-blood. Without you lot, we're just a bunch of nerds debating whether linear keyboard switches are better than clicky ones and whether ray tracing really is all that. So this one was about giving the power over to our readers, across the breadth of our sister companies, to find out what they thought deserved a feature. 

Go ahead and check out the winners of the Reader’s Choice winners here.

This section also includes a few winners for Product of the Decade, which is a heck of a title. Worth checking out to see if the things you love made the grade.

And for everything Future Tech Awards, head over to the Future Tech Awards 2020 page here