Where to find Slurp barrels in Fortnite

Fortnite - a player stands in the snow looking at a silver slurp barrel
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It's frosty outside and a brand new set of Fortnite challenges called "Slurp on Ice" are skating onto the weekly quest lineup. The sixth quest tasks you with finding and destroying Slurp barrels that will grant you +10 HP when they explode. We've got you covered on the most optimal strategies for tracking down those slippery barrels so you can collect that sweet 16,000 XP reward.

Slurp barrel locations in Fortnite

There actually isn't one set location for Slurp barrels in Fortnite. While they do spawn all over the map, we have some tips on finding specifically Slurp-loaded locations. 

If you want to grind straight through, try to drop in locations like Faulty Splits or Brutal Bastion where there's a surplus of scattered Slurp barrels. We recommend heading to the Brutal Bastion on the northeast corner of the map in particular. It's near the other Slurp on Ice challenges so you can check those off easier. 

You'll want to drop near one of the further buildings by Brutal Bastion and check every basement by breaking all of the lowest walls. The Slurp barrel challenge has you destroy a lot of barrels, and you'll be able to keep dropping here to rinse and repeat the process for a solid 16,000 XP for each stage.

If you aren't in a hurry, you can start by hunting down Slurp barrels passively while you're playing Battle Royale mode, as you'll likely find some near wherever you drop. Always scan around buildings for hidden rooms and secret basements. At more industrial locations you may even find them outside or in the grass after they've fallen off a truck. I'd recommend this casual scanning method if you play Fortnite regularly, because this is a challenge you can definitely clear if you have a keen eye and are always searching for resources.

(Image credit: Epic Games)
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