Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass: here's the trailer and all 128 items

Fortnite Season 9 is here, bringing with it new locations like Neo Tilted, a mega mall and more (check out the patch notes highlights here). The Battle Pass has also arrived, and it costs 950 V-bucks as normal, immediately granting the Sentinel and Rox progressive outfits upon purchase. The trailer above gives you an idea of what you'll get for your cash. 

You'll have 100 Fortbytes to collect as part of the Season 9 Battle Pass, which will help reveal the mysteries behind Season 9, whatever they turn out to be. Here's how Epic describes them: "Use clues to earn and locate hidden pickups around the island, helping you unlock rewards and uncover the secrets of Season 9."

Our friends at GamesRadar have rounded up all the Battle Pass items into the video below. Check it out:

Samuel Roberts
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