Fold space in Fault Line

faultline thumb

The depressing thing about real life is that you can't send one of your detachable rocket hands to grab two points in reality and pull them together. Luckily, there's this game that simulates what it would be like. If you were also living in a series of devious puzzles.

Of the thirty levels, there are roughly two kinds. The first is littered with little nubs. Click on one, drag to another, and your hands detach and pull them together, taking reality with it. You need to traverse a series of closed off, hazardous, or just really really tall rooms and get to the exit. If a hazard is stuck in the fold, it'll vanish until you unfold space again - so you can fold the room around that laser or those saw blades and just skip through.

The second kind of level doesn't really have any nubs - the world comes pre-folded, often uncomfortably so. Moving platforms jut out of spatial creases for a moment, before sliding back in. Platforms on their way up vanish into a fold and you're left to plummet. They're pretty confusing, and a relief to finally solve.

You can play Fault Line here .