Five reasons to play Total Lockdown while self-isolating

Many of you have only been in lockdown for a few days, but there’s a good chance you’re already getting the self-isolation jitters—saying "good morning" to the mirror, talking to your TV, and flirting with your favourite coffee mugs. Luckily, videogames are a great way to fend off the self-isolation crazies, and towering new battle royale game Total Lockdown has all the ingredients to see you through the tough times.

Here’s a bunch of reasons why Total Lockdown is—for reasons beyond the weirdly apt title—the perfect game to play during self-isolation.

It's sociable 

(Image credit: Panzar Studio)

At a time when social contact with others feels precious, Total Lockdown offers plenty of ways to communicate in the heat of combat.

All battle royale games are kind of sociable, as you bond with your buddies while facing off against rival teams to be the last group standing. But Total Lockdown takes things a few steps further by letting you communicate with your enemies too - cuss them, dance over their dead bodies, even send emojis for everyone to see.

 It’s bright and cheery

(Image credit: Panzar Studio)

Things are feeling both awfully real and unreal out there in the world. There’s barely a glimmer of good news and in the streets social distancing has made everything feel kind of dystopian. 

The escape that videogames offer feels more important than ever at a time like this, and Total Lockdown’s brash cartoon visuals splatter your screen with colours and crazy vibes that pull you in and make you forget everything else.

Total Lockdown is a sensory overload of the best kind, with an awesome variety of environments, character models and weapons to play around with. The only element of realism you need to worry about here is how quickly you can die if you’re not careful. So stay sharp.

It involves going crazy with people in a confined space 

(Image credit: Panzar Studio)

Are your mum’s constant requests for household chores starting to grate, or is your partner passive-aggressively vying for attention while you try to do some lockdown gaming? It’s tough to be stuck in tight spaces even with those close to you, but it’s not nearly as tough as surviving Total Lockdown’s ever-shrinking skyscraper space.

See, this game is a little different to your typical battle royale, because instead of taking place on the open sprawl of an island, it’s set on the top 24 storeys of a skyscraper. As poisonous gas slowly fills the building and you’re pushed into smaller and smaller spaces with your enemies, the intensity of the game will at least make you grateful that those you’re self-isolating with aren’t trying to kill you… yet.

It has progression

(Image credit: Panzar Studio)

When the world grinds to a standstill, it’s important to feel like you’re still moving towards some kind of goals. Most battle royale games are self-contained, with any progress made within a game being wiped as soon as the match is over.

Total Lockdown does things differently. Here you can earn in-game currency and spend it on weapon upgrades at shops that open on certain floors during a match. You still have to fight your way to the shop (or hack into it), but once you’re there you can access your favourite hard-earned items. A nice touch in a genre that often cares little for player conveniences.

It keeps you locked away indoors 

(Image credit: Panzar Studio)

Yep, we know it’s no fun being stuck indoors as we emerge out of winter to a beautiful blooming spring. The temptation to go outside is huge, but Total Lockdown is such a blast of a game that it’ll keep you glued to your screen.

With the rush of endless competition - whether that’s in a battle royale or player-organised round robin tournament where you can play solo or in teams of up to 4 - Total Lockdown is a perfect way to spend self-isolation. 

Be careful though. The real-world lockdown will eventually end, but your obsession with Total Lockdown probably won’t. Stay vigilant both out there in the real world, and here in Total Lockdown’s crazy cartoon skyscraper.