Five reasons Nreal's Air Glasses are the ultimate Steam Deck companion

Nreal air and Steam Deck
(Image credit: Nreal)

Gaming is a great way to pass the time on long journeys, especially now Valve's Steam Deck lets you take your entire PC gaming library along for the ride. But one thing you can't take with you is the immersion and privacy afforded by a home desktop. Bringing a 27-inch monitor onto the train with you would definitely have people looking over your shoulder, while draping your coat over your head isn't exactly a comfortable solution to curious commuters watching you play God of War.

Enter Nreal Air, Nreal's new pair of augmented reality glasses, designed to provide a cinematic viewing experience wherever you are on a wide range of devices. Lightweight, comfortable, and stylish, they're a great way to turn a portable gaming experience into something more comprehensive. Here are five reasons why Nreal's Air glasses are the ultimate Steam Deck companion.

1. A desktop experience in your pocket

Nreal Air essentially packs a cinema screen into a pair of standard-size sunglasses. Able to cast a 130" display to your portable device, they instantly transform your small-screen experience into a big-screen extravaganza. The 3040 by 1080 OLED display projects a crystal-clear, high contrast image with rich, vibrant colours. Whether you're fighting crime in Manhattan in Marvel's Spider-Man, or frantically trying to stay alive in Vampire Survivors, Nreal Air takes your Steam Deck gaming experience to the next level.

2. Save your neck

When you're playing games on your Steam Deck, you'll either need to lift the device up to your face or look down at the screen on your lap. Either way, after a while you're going to end up with either tired arms or a sore neck. Nreal Air eliminates this problem. Weighing just 79 grams, Nreal Air is designed to rest lightly on your nose, letting you play sat upright without having to hold up your Steam Deck like a map to some lost treasure. As well as helping your posture, Nreal Air is also designed for a comfortable viewing experience, the first XR device to be TUV Certified for Low Blue Light and Eye Comfort.

Nreal air and Steam Deck

(Image credit: Nreal)

3. Keep your wits about you

Nreal Air is designed to function both as a viewing screen and a pair of glasses, meaning you can play while also maintaining awareness of your surroundings. Watch for your bus stop while you explore the Lands Between in Elden Ring, or tend your farm in Stardew Valley while waiting for your friends to arrive at your favourite coffee shop.

4. Play in private

No more backseat gamers! Nreal Air means only you can see the game that you're playing. Play Slay the Spire without fielding questions from over-curious commuters, or slay demons in Doom Eternal in a more family-friendly fashion. The adjustable volume of Nreal Air's in-built speakers lets you keep the sound to an appropriate level, while the included lens cover adds a further level of privacy to your play, and eliminates screen-glare on particularly sunny days.

5. Go beyond

If your Steam Deck runs out of battery, don't fret! Nreal Air is designed to work with a wide range of devices, including Apple MacBook and iPad. Compatible Android devices, meanwhile, can benefit from Nreal's AR Space, which features three-degrees of freedom and a suite of AR-specific apps. Further compatibility can be enabled with Nreal adapter, which enables Nreal Air to work with Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Xbox consoles. In short, Nreal Air lets you bring a cinematic experience to every major gaming device.

So if you want to augment your gaming experience, Nreal Air is available now on Amazon for $379, while the Nreal Adapter can also be found on Amazon for $59. If you'd like to know more about Nreal, check out the official website, or follow Nreal on Twitter and Facebook