FIVE: Champions of Canaan is an epic last-stand Diablo

Get your clicking-fingers ready, friends. We've been called to slay countless enemies once more, this time in the name of family, honor, and good ol' fashioned gladiator arena combat!  

FIVE: Champions of Canaan is a small-scale action-RPG set in the ancient Near East's gladiatorial arenas, which are filled with countless warriors who deserve countless beatings. And it's up to you, as heir to one of five mighty Israelite champions and an agent of King David himself, to enter those arenas and deliver those beatings first hand. 

Non-Stop Adventure

The combat in FIVE: Champions of Canaan is immediately recognizable as the visceral hack-n-slash that gets your adrenaline pumping in games like Diablo. And the roster of devastating attacks and fun abilities at your disposal will be familiar to anyone who's played an ARPG or MOBA like League of Legends.   

But the cool twist in FIVE: Champions of Canaan is that you aren't locked into a single class or set of abilities for life. Attacks and Abilities are tied to the weapon you're wielding, and you can change weapons at any time. A powerful Israelite spear may let you charge enemies and skewer them faster than Emeril, but when you need to kite enemies while running away, you'll want to whip out a bow instead.   

This opens up tons of different weapon and playstyle options and all of them feel unique and powerful. Swapping weapons lets you use the perfect playstyle for each challenge is a lot of fun. It keeps every moment of the arena onslaught fresh and interesting. Plus, they all work great with either a keyboard and mouse or a controller.    

Each arena you fight in is unique and randomizes its terrain every wave to give you new ways to break line-of-sight or take advantage of choke points during the fighting. But be careful, your enemies will try to use it to their advantage too! The vast arrays of different foes make sure that you're always thinking on the fly and adapting to new challenges as you fight off the waves of foes.  

Shiny Loot

As you vanquish challengers in FIVE: Champions of Canaan, you'll collect powerful artifacts and armaments of the ancient world -- there's no outlandish magic or mystical wizards in this historical setting. Everything is realistic to the era, which should appeal to history buffs or fans of ancient-world games like Age of Empires.   

Instead of flame-spitting zombie dragons, you battle Ammonite Cleavers and Chezyon the Armenian Menace. Although, I should say that your champion can accomplish some incredible feats of strength that break a few laws of physics, so it's not all realism. But that's what makes the combat so fun!   

Loot gets a historical twist too, as you'll be picking up shekels and kingstones that pop out of treasure chests (instead of generic gold), alongside the usual splattering of quality-colored items on the ground for you to check out, pick up, and put on as needed. Save whatever you can, since you can offload your inventory at the market in between arena bouts for some extra cash.   

Like Diablo, the gear has all sorts of stat options on them, so you can build your character's power and playstyle however you want, from a whirlwind-of-steel berserker to a machine-gun-speed archer. The most powerful artifacts even give you unique effects or brand new attacks!   

Along the way, you level up and earn permanent stat upgrades and unlock new abilities on each weapon type. You'll face harder enemies with smarter tactics as you battle through the arena gauntlets, but you'll get more powerful too.  

Carrying on the Legacy

The entirely fictional story told in FIVE: Champions of Canaan is a great companion to the epic tale told in the developer Kingdom Games' earlier FIVE: Guardians of David. But it's not just words, your legacy impacts gameplay too! At character creation, you choose a lineage for your hero -- the son or daughter of one of the five heroes in Guardians of David. Your family's legacy will impact your skills, stats, and story elements! You're not fighting for personal glory here, you're fighting for king and family.   

This also plays a big part in the meta-systems that you can upgrade and interact with between arena battles. The Donation system is particularly unique, letting you contribute resources, like grain or livestock, that you collect in the arena to different organizations in order to earn their favor and unlock new story elements.  

So build your own legacy and crush countless challengers in the arena with FIVE: Champions of Canaan, which you can pick up on Steam for only $5! That's an incredible deal for adrenaline-pumping, arena combat in a great historical setting.

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