First Dragon Age 2 trailer and release date


EA have shown their first proper trailer of Dragon Age 2 at Gamescom. It shows Hawke, the 'Champion of Kirkwall' and asskicker of the highest calibre, beating the snot out of a half-man, half-demon. And another half-ram. They're both using their special magic powers, as well as more standard giant-pissing-swords. Here's the video.

The video's called Destiny, and sees Hawke and Ram-man smacking each other around a bit, before Hawke retreats into his own head and considers - what we can assume - are his past deeds. As explained by lead designer Mike Laidlaw when I saw the game earlier in the year, Dragon Age 2 uses a framed narrative. Hawke's life is viewed in retrospect by two other characters, and your actions explain how he (or she!) rises to champ status. How players do that, through fair means or foul, is up to them, using BioWare's Mass Effect-style conversational wheel.

Dragon Age 2 is out March 8th in North America, and March 11th in Europe. An exact dragon age away, then.