Final Fantasy X /X-2 HD Remaster releases on Steam this week

It's been rumoured for what feels like years, but Final Fantasy X / X-2 Remastered is finally confirmed for PC – and it's releasing on Steam this week. That's according to a newly published product page, which confirms that both games will release in all their HD glory on May 13. That's this Friday.

Square Enix has made a habit of releasing Final Fantasy PC ports with little ceremony: Final Fantasy IX released in the dead of night last month, and Final Fantasy IV's release was similarly quiet. The Steam page has no info on any of the PC benefits of the X / X-2 port, though given it runs at 1080p / 60fps on consoles (correction: it actually only runs at 30fps on PS4), it's unlikely to cause any headaches.

While the Final Fantasy back-catalogue lumbers its way onto Steam, we still don't have the official word on whether the forthcoming XV will make it to PC. But if it does, it'll likely feature material that won't make it to the console editions, game director Hajime Tabata indicated last month.

Shaun Prescott

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