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Final Fantasy 14 players band together to honour Berserk creator Kentaro Miura

Final Fantasy 14 tribute to Kentaro Miura
(Image credit: @Drithos via Twitter / Square Enix)

Hundreds of Final Fantasy 14 players have been paying tribute to Kentaro Miura, the creator of manga Berserk who died at the age of 54.

Images and videos began cropping up on Twitter and reddit over the last few hours, which show hundreds of characters lined up around one of the starting cities, Ul'dah, with others also gathering in Limsa Lominsa. Players have all switched to the Dark Knight class—which draws heavy influence from Berserk—with many characters posing with their swords in the ground.

Players from servers like Balmung, Cactuar, Leviathan, and Midgardsormr have participated, with players from many other servers reporting that people are trickling in to honour Miura. A video from Twitter user @localhyurzen shows so many people lined up on the Balmung server that the game cannot load everybody in at once, while another on reddit said "the line stretches from one side of Ul'dah to the other. I went to check the other parts and it wouldn't let me back to the main part for a few moments because of how congested it is." 

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It's a striking tribute to Miura, and has been a way for the community to band together to mourn and celebrate his life and work. Redditors reported Leviathan players handing out pretzels and campfires to those standing in line, while others have spoken about finding comfort in gathering with other players.

Kentaro Miura passed away on May 6 from acute aortic dissection. The editorial department for Young Animal magazine announced his passing on the official Berserk Twitter account earlier today, with a machine translation of the tweet saying "we would like to express our utmost respect and gratitude" to Miura.

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