Far Cry 5 patch adds photo mode

Far Cry 5's latest patch brings with it its much-anticipated Photo Mode. Title Update 8 will roll out following routine maintenance later today. 

Available via the main menu in all Solo gameplay modes—including DLC packs and solo Far Cry Arcade maps—Photo Mode lets players tinker with the time of day, field of view, frames, filters and even their character's facial expressions. PS4-exclusive God of War has shown what's possible on the latter front, and I'm now most interested to see what humorist snappers do in Hope County from hereon. 

Specific to PC, Far Cry 5's latest patch adjusts keyboard and mouse remaps. "It's now possible to see action mapped to each button by moving the mouse cursor over keyboard images," says Ubisoft in this update post. Likewise, a number of gameplay and UI fixes have been applied across the board. 

Besides that, Title Update 8 mostly targets bug fixes across audio, co-op and stability—and also adds a range of DLC weapons, animals, assets and vehicles to the Arcade Editor. 

Last month, Phil explored the the weird world of Far Cry 5 custom maps. Let us know how you'll re/discover Hope County with its new Photo Mode in the comments below.