Fan-made Sonic game gets brilliant demo

sonic demo

A team of fans are making their own version of Sonic the Hedgehog called the Sonic Fan Remix. They've just released a demo, and it's incredible.

The trial version consists of three levels, each of which are packed full of classic Sonic sights. It's a stunningly beautiful recreation of the Sonic universe, made using the free Unity game development tools.

It's fast, too. The themed levels have been designed to give you those out of control pinball moments when Sonic plunges head first into a springboard at full speed, and is catapulted across the level, pinging from spring to spring, collecting rings and ploughing through enemies. You'll be conquering loop-the-loops, dodging killer whales and smashing through checkpoints at barely controllable speeds. In many ways, it's an experience closer to the original Sonic games than many of the recent official sequels, a retro rollercoaster steeped in modern graphical polish.

Also, it's a rare chance to play Sonic on your PC. You can download the trial and play it for yourself at Sonic Fan Remix .

Tom Senior

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