Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes standalone expansion released

Sometimes a sequel wants to say more than the original ever could. Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes , a new standalone expansion to the Stardock strategy game, puts you at the helm of a fantasy empire in a hostile world filled with flaming corpse monsters and wailing undead banshees.

The game was released on Steam and elsewhere yesterday and while it's being called an expansion to 2012's original Fallen Enchantress game, Legendary Heroes appears to be something of a reboot for the title.

“Fallen Enchantress gave us a lot of great feedback,” said Derek Paxton, the lead designer of Legendary Heroes in a press release. “With Legendary Heroes we wanted to take that feedback and deliver a deeper, more polished and more welcoming game than what we started with.”

The champion units have seen what looks to be a major change from the original game, in that instead of being encountered randomly throughout the game map, a player earns champions by gaining fame through successful empire building.

Some of the other updates in the expansion include a new leveling system, more factions, and an improved graphics engine. For a complete list of detailed changes to the game, check out a an abbreviated—but still lengthy— changelog assembled by Paxton. It's also worth pointing out that at $39.99, the standalone expansion is $10 more than the original title. Be sure to check out Tom Francis's detailed review of the original Fallen Enchantress.