Everspace trailer offers 10 minutes of pretty space dogfighting action


With near every space game aiming to be a simulation of something or other, there's ample room for a game like Everspace: an arcadey space-'em-up that focuses on prettiness and action, leaving discussions of physics and authentic spaceship interiors to the likes of Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous. Everspace is doing pretty well on Kickstarter, and now 10 minutes of footage have appeared to show us why.

It's from the peeps behind the mobile Galaxy on Fire series, which the internet implies is pretty good (it's now on PC, in 'HD' form, and minus the DLC for some reason). Everspace is more ambitious than GOF's mission-based dogfighting—developers Rockfish describe it as a "3D space shooter with rogue-like elements and non-linear storytelling", and they've certainly upped the visual loveliness as well. Look at that spacey skybox! I love a good spacey skybox. Hopefully the combat will be more interesting than the frequently tedious craft-swizzling featured in every space game I've ever played.

Rockfish reckon Everspace will be done by October 2016, although Kickstarter estimates are known for their slipperiness. They've raised over half the necessary funds, with 25 days to go, so while it's likely to be Kickstarted, those stretch goals don't seem very likely.

Tom Sykes

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