EverQuest Next Landmark dev diary shows all the materials you'll mine and craft

EverQuest Next Landmark , the free-to-play world-builder that Sony Online Entertainment is releasing as a sort of playable proof of concept for EverQuest: Next, inches closer to completion. Signups for the beta test started a couple of weeks ago, and now a new dev diary walks us through some of building materials players will have to work with.

“When you begin the game, you begin with a copper pick,” lead designer Darrin McPherson says in the video, “this copper pick will enable you to use and access all of the tier-one materials and resources in the world. These resources include things like tin. And once you've gathered enough tin and iron, you'll be able to make an iron pickaxe.”

There's a surreal quality to listening to someone spend two minutes describing Minecraft without saying the words “mine” or “craft,” but I assume there are a bunch of legal reasons why he can't drop the M-word. Bound by no such restrictions, I can go ahead: it's Minecraft without the endless cubism and pixel-graphics.

And actually, I think that's great. I've been bored stiff by every MMO that ever dared to put me on an invisible treadmill, and letting me bash a hole in the side of a mountain is the best way to get me interested in exploring a world again. A full-blown Everquest MMORPG with the world-altering abilities of Minecraft with sharper graphics is a fantastic pitch that I'm sure McPherson would use if he could.

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