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Europa Universalis IV video explains Conquest of Paradise's randomised maps

America is kind of a big deal these days. Maybe you've heard of it? Maybe you're even inside of it while reading this. If so, watch out for the cougars .

For Paradox Interactive, the country's fame has posed something of a problem. Conquest of Paradise, the first expansion for Europa Universalis IV, is all about the discovery and colonisation of the new world. Only, you can't discover something if you know where it is. How they've solved that is the subject of their latest video diary, which explores the new random map generation that means you never know just what you'll find when you finally cross the Atlantic.

The diary reveals that almost all aspects of the content will be generated randomly, from the shape, to the climate, geographical features and tree density. Importantly, for those more interested in keeping visual accuracy, you'll still have the option for the traditional America that you may know from maps.

Naturally, whatever the shape of the map, it'll be divided into regions, on which you'll find tribes of natives tailored to the climate of the region. The hope is to remain true to the idea of America, while still providing a sense of discovery and adventure.

Previous Conquest of Paradise videos have detailed the role of Native American tribes , and explained the expanded abilities available to colonies . The expansion is due out later this month.

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