Dress to impress and change history in Dress Up! Time Princess

(Image credit: IGG)

What’s the best-dressed period in human history? Tough question, but the high society of 18th century France that paraded around Rococo ballrooms and palaces has got to be a contender. This is just one of the beautiful settings you’ll get to inhabit in Dress up! Time Princess - a game where you play a girl pulled into different historical periods, each with their own distinct stories and costumes that you can experiment with to your heart’s content.

This gorgeous game from veteran mobile developer IGG (best known for hit MMO Lords Mobile) lets you live out your fantasies of becoming a glamorous socialite amidst the movers and shakers of the Versailles Palace in France.

You won’t just be restricted to France either. The game casts you as a girl who finds a mysterious book in her grandpa’s house that’s capable of transporting her to different epochs. So you’ll get embroiled in tales from far eastern empires, the ancient world, early 20th century America, and other fascinating periods. 

Each of these have their distinct outfits and accessories that you can mix and match for the perfect look. It’s not just a case of putting on a dress - you choose the style, colour of the trimmings, make-up and jewellery. Your character can be customised right down to the shape of her nose, and the gorgeous 3D art style will help you visualise yourself in the princess’ shoes.

(Image credit: IGG)

What makes Dress up! really grab our attention is the fact that it’s more than just a dress-up simulator. Each time period has gripping stories that let you change the course of history. As you mingle among kings and nobles, you’ll be able to influence their decisions, which will have an impact on these historically-set stories. How things pan out is up to you.

But when a girl’s not trying out new outfits and playing the political influencer, she needs to unwind. That’s why the game sets you up with an adorable kitty companion. Choose from one of several cats, each with their own eye-catching markings, then send them out into the land to collect materials for your finery.

In your downtime you can also connect with fellow players and princesses around the world, sharing your costume designs, getting creative inspiration, and exchanging intrigue from your unique stories and how your decisions have shaped them.

(Image credit: IGG)

The different stages in the game are deep in storytelling, but simple in gameplay, ensuring a steady progression as you forge your own historical tale and build up your wardrobe.

Now that IGG’s pre-registration event has successfully passed the 200,000 milestone, all aspiring princesses will receive a free bridal gown to mark this occasion. IGG is also teaming up with one of the biggest YouTubers around, SSSniperWolf, to celebrate the game’s launch on 28 August.

So join in the exciting adventures of Dress up! Time Princess with players from all around the world!  Download now!

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