How to get Abyssal and Hadal fishing rods in Dredge

Dredge Abyssal and Hadal fishing - a guy driving a boat
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The Dredge Abyssal and Hadal fishing rods are unique in that you can't initially unlock them by using Research Parts like any of the other rods, nets, or pots in the game. Instead, you have to complete a very specific pursuit in order to unlock Abyssal fishing so you catch some of the deepest and rarest fish in the game. 

If you've already got access to Abyssal fishing, you might want to know where to find a Stoplight Loosejaw for the Researcher, or how to get explosives and Refined Metal to strengthen your hull against nighttime big fish attacks. Either way, here's how to unlock the equipment to catch Abyssal and Hadal fish in Dredge.

How to unlock Abyssal fishing 

To catch Abyssal fish, you're going to need to complete a task or two for the Researcher at the Old Fortress island in square D5 of north-west Stellar Basin. The Researcher will ask you to catch three fish, namely, Aurora Jellyfish, Glowing Octopus, and Firefly Squid. Luckily, you can get them all nearby:

  • Aurora Jellyfish: This Coastal fish can only be caught with a trawling net at nighttime in Stellar Basin. Just drop your net near the Old Fortress and sail around for a little while to catch one. If you don't have the net, you can unlock it for purchase by adding the net spaces improvement to your boat at the Dry Dock.
  • Glowing Octopus: You can catch this Shallow fish with a rod at a fishing spot near the centre of the Stellar Basin—it's pretty easy to spot as you can see the octopuses glowing below the surface.
  • Firefly Squid: The easiest way to catch this Coastal fish is by trawling with your net in the south of Stellar Basin near the travelling merchant's floating platform.

Once you have all three fish, head back to the Researcher. She'll set you another task to go and retrieve some Prototype Parts from a nearby Research Outpost. You can find this floating platform in square G4 of Stellar Basin. Search the Laboratory to recover the parts, then convey them back to her. As a reward, she'll give you the Sampling Device, which you can equip in your rod slots, and is capable of catching Abyssal fish once installed. 

How to unlock Hadal fishing 

You can purchase the Bottomless Lines upgrade for Hadal fishing (Image credit: Team17)

Now you have the Sampling Device for catching Abyssal fish, you can purchase the Bottomless Lines improvement to catch Hadal fish as well for the cost of one Research Part. This unlocks the upgrade for purchase at the Shipwright for $450, though be aware that you'll need four rod slots in your ship in order to equip it.  

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