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Dota 2's Compendium raises $10 million for The International prize pool

And, thus, the Dota 2 community did buy many internet sticker books. And yea, they did fill those books with non-corporeal points. And so, Valve did set aside 25% of each purchase—creating an International prize pool of $10 million, and much wealth and happiness for their own accountants.

Essentially, the community has spent over $33 million on these virtual souvenirs. It's comfortably the biggest prize pool in e-sports history, and all with Valve contributing 'just' $1.6 million to the initial prize pool. It's a huge achievement, and one that should result in fierce competition for the top prize.

What we don't yet know is how much that top prize will be worth. The distribution of the pool is yet to be announced, although Chris is a strong believer that, this year, Valve need to make changes .

As part of the money raised, the community have unlocked all stretch goals currently set. You can see the full list of what Compendium owners (and the entire Dota 2 playerbase) have unlocked by visiting the Compendium mini-site .

Phil Savage
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