Disney Dreamlight Valley finally announces 'ValleyVerse' multiplayer coming in December

Though we'd known for some time that Disney Dreamlight Valley had plans to incorporate multiplayer in its cozy social sim, Gameloft has been quite tight-lipped on the details—until now. In its digital showcase today, Dreamlight Valley unveiled all sorts of updates coming to the game over the next year: a first game expansion, lots more free realms and villagers, and those long-awaited multiplayer details. And, as promised in the original 2023 roadmap, multiplayer is landing before the end of this year.

Don't let the name "ValleyVerse" scare you off with its odd metaverse-adjacent implications though. Dreamlight Valley's multiplayer plans sound pretty in line with what you may expect if you've played Animal Crossing: New Horizons, for instance. 

Gameloft says you'll be able to visit one another's islands, homes, and Scrooge McDuck's store. So if your store selection for the day isn't fab, you can check in to see what Scrooge is peddling on your friend's world. You'll also be able to trade items with friends by dropping them on the ground for one another, so you can help a friend out on their quests by dropping off piles of resources and meals. You'll be able to invite three friends at a time, via what looks like a rainbow teleporter. Gameloft also says that "multiplayer mode will continue to evolve over time, as new ways to interact with your friends are added in future updates."

During the livestream Gameloft shared lots of other plans for Dreamlight Valley over the next year. The first expansion to the game, A Rift In Time, will add a new explorable area, characters, and story quests when it arrives on December 5. Early next year a Monsters Inc. realm will join the game, followed by more realms and villagers in the spring, and the arrival of Princess Tiana in summer. Oh, and it revealed two new Dreamlight Valley codes you can redeem for free decor and clothes.

ValleyVerse features will arrive as part of the 1.0 update on December 5. Unfortunately if you'd been patiently waiting to play Dreamlight Valley for free, Gameloft recently announced that it will remain a paid game at launch instead of going free-to-play.

Lauren Morton
Associate Editor

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