Desperados 3 is now coming this summer

I'm so glad to be writing about Desperados 3 right now. Its fusion of Wild West cool with the stealth puzzles of Shadow Tactics: Blades of Shogun is something I don't want to miss. I'd been fearing the worst since the game missed its planned 2019 launch. It doesn't help that developer Mimimi has been pretty quiet since the Desperados 3 closed beta back in July too. What happened?

Nothing drastic, it turns out, as Desperados 3 now has a new release window of summer 2020. Let's all breathe a sigh of relief. This welcome news came with a new trailer, which you can watch above, and which introduces the game's sharpshooting medic Doc McCoy.

You may remember Doc McCoy if you played the first Desperados game from back in 2001—the third game is a prequel to it so his return makes sense. The Doc was able to patch your wounds and revive your fellow pardners. Pretty handy, then. 

He's a bit more vicious in Desperados 3 as he "has a medical bag he can place as a flash-bang trap (just go with it), a poison syringe for stealth kills, and a sniper rifle for taking out distant targets," as Christopher Livingstone writes in his Desperados 3 preview. I don't fancy getting on his bad side, especially if he's the only guy around who can save your life should you get wounded.

Doc McCoy will no doubt be a vital part of your team as you'll need to switch between multiple characters to lay traps to take out your enemies. Planning is vital as a head-on attack will almost guarantee a quick trip to the grave. So you better cool your trigger finger and prepare to teach these cowboys some tactics.