Destiny 2: Where to find all the Illusory Barriers

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Now you've got your hands on Ager's Scepter and its catalyst, you can tackle the Destiny 2 Deceiving Appearances weekly challenge. New weekly challenges are added after the weekly reset each week in Destiny 2 and for this challenge, you're off to the Shattered Realm once again.

Before heading out, it would be a good idea to complete the Wayfinder's Voyage Week 5 challenge and choose the Sight: Frequency Echoes upgrade from the H.E.L.M. If you don't have Ager's Scepter yet, then check out our guide here. Its catalyst dropped yesterday, so make sure to complete it to make the most of your new exotic. Now, onto the Destiny 2 Illusory Barriers.

Destiny 2 Illusory Barriers: How to spot them 

Illusory Barriers are rocks that look like they're covered in purple glitter. You'll need Ager's Scepter to destroy them and they'll glow white when fired on. You'll find them in the Shattered Realm and they contain some Ascendant Anchors. You'll need to align six beacons and take down three barriers while you're in the Destiny 2 Debris of Dreams, too, which is straightforward enough.

There are three Illusory Barriers to find, all within The Ruined Outpost:

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There are three Illusory Barriers to find, all within The Ruined Outpost:

  • The first can be found in the cave to the left, and you'll find an Ascendant Anchor behind it. 
  • Head back into the main area where the buildings are and look up at the weird Shattered Realm moon. Walk to the cliff edge and look down to see a pathway that leads to the second Illusory Barrier.
  • Jump back up to level above and again turn to face the moon, then look up to your left. You'll see a cave, so head inside. Once you reach the area with the barrier on the cave ceiling, spin around to find the final Illusory Barrier.

And that's it. Job's a good 'un. You'll get a nice XP boost and a Wayfinder's Compass Calibration Level for your troubles. If you get really stuck, you can check out this video by FrigidShark below.

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