Death Inc gets co-op multiplayer, Molyneux's fervent support

Plucky Kickstarter project Death Inc. is still fighting towards its £300,000 target with a little over a week to spare. Yesterday, mighty man of games Peter Molyneux joined with other industry chums to pledge his support to the promising plague-bearing RTS, and today the devs have added another two major bullet-points to the game's list of features: co-op multiplayer and iPad support. You can see both the multiplayer and Molyneux in action after the jump.

The game is sort of Pikmin by way of Monty Python and the Holy Grail , in which your horde of sweating, puking plague victims sweeps through Merry Old England, claiming the souls of its citizens for the Grim Reaper. It's funny, gorgeous to look at and snappy to control - a fact which you can confirm yourself if you download the demo .

Here are the devs describing their support for iPad and co-op multiplayer:

Watch Peter Molyneux, Media Molecule's Alex Evans and Hello Games' Sean Murray tell you why you should throw money at Ambient Studios: