Devastate the competition with these Call of Duty: Modern Warfare weapons

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare weapons
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's weapons collections features dozens of returning and new guns dying to be wielded by long-serving shooter fans. From assault rifles to the infamous marksman rifles and launchers, there’s something for everyone.

But those are just the base models: the Gunsmith is the perfect place in which to tweak the capabilities of COD: Modern Warfare's guns, so experiment and tweak as much as possible to ensure you find the balance that best suits your playstyle. Below are all the weapons we have seen so far.

Assault rifles

Probably the most common choice when it comes to primary weapons. Assault Rifles in the latest COD include some new additions, but even the ones that feel the most familiar can be modified for a different feel or unexpected upgrade if you spend some time with them in the Gunsmith.

M13: Feels similar to the M4 from Call of Duty 4, and it excels with its fast firing rate.

M4A1: A classic, and a firm favourite for us. It has a lot of recoil, mind, so equip the Grip attachment in the Gunsmith to balance it.

KILO 141: This is balanced towards handling, allowing you to stay on target more easily.

FAL: Similar to a marksman rifle; expect high recoil.

FR 5.56: Offers burst fire, shooting three rounds at a time, but you can change it to semi-automatic for one-round shots, too. It's quick and easy to use, but the FR 5.56 is focused towards precise shots.

AK-47: An all-time favourite, and highly customizable.

ODEN: A new addition in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It carries tons of power for an AR, but it has a slow fire rate.


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SMGs are a rifles’ younger sibling, but they’re still handy in multiplayer. They are perfect for close range due to their light weight and fearsome firing rate.

MP5: As much of a classic as the AK-47 and the M4A1. If you’re familiar with the weapon, you know exactly what to expect.

MP7: Fast firing rate and easy to use, as long as you’re in range.

UZI: Fast and reliable at short range.

PP19 BIZON: Veterans of the series will be familiar with this beast.

AUG: Similar to an assault rifle, it's the perfect companion for your primary weapon if you want high fire power at all times.

P90: Similar to its Call of Duty 4 equivalent, but its potential can be unlocked in the Gunsmith.


Useful in a pinch, pistols aren't known for being quick and reliable to use in the heat of battle for nothing.

M19: It’s fast, but it doesn’t carry much fire power. Useful for finishing foes off.

.50 GS: Your trusty Deagle. Incredibly powerful, easy to use, and just looks good.

X 16: Semi-automatic perfection at close range.

Sniper rifles

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Perfect for camping, providing cover to your teammates, or hunting down enemies from afar.

DRAGUNOV: A timeless classic. It’s fast and gets the job done, but don’t be afraid to toy around with some attachments for this one as well.

AX-50: This is relatively slow, but it can guarantee a one-shot kill in most instances.

HDR: Perfect for very long-range use. Just don’t expect to brandish it quickly.


Shotguns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are really powerful, and pairs well with a primary assault rifle so you can master long and short range. Just make sure you control the recoil.

MODEL 680: Arguably the most balanced shotguns . The high recoil is compensated by its fast shooting rate and damage.

725: Carries two shots per round. It’s really powerful even at medium range, but the long reload time can be a matter of life and death.

R9-0 SHOTGUN: The best shotgun in terms of handling.

ORIGIN 12 SHOTGUN: Like the R9-0, it handles much better than the 680 and 725.


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LMGs are defined by their rapid fire rate and relatively high bullets per round. But reloading them is slow, leaving you exposed to enemy fire for several seconds if you haven't taken cover.

SA87: The best beginner LMGs. Its recoil won’t be too much of a trouble, but again, it’s advised to tweak its stats in the Gunsmith if you feel like it needs a boost.

M91: A balanced choice that doesn’t has passable recoil.

PKM: Don’t count on this one for precise shots. It's a heavy LMG, but it’s great in terms of damage.

MG34: Certainly the most old school of the group.


Incredibly powerful, but painfully slow. They can prove to be useful in Ground War against tanks and vehicles.

PILA: Great blast radius, but it takes time to set up the aim on this one.

STRELA-P: Great for locking on vehicles.

RPG-7: A classic. Expect a fast firing rate for a launcher.

JOKR: A great foil for armored vehicles.

Marksman rifles

DMRs can be deadly in the right hands, provided you've had the practice.

EBR-14: Doesn’t stand out much on its own, but it can be turned into a reliable weapon after a few Gunsmith tweaks.

MK2 CARBINE: Has the potential to be supremely powerful rifle with the right scope.

KAR98K: Bolt action rifle, and the most old-school in this category.