Break free of your wires with Logitech G POWERPLAY

For gamers, playing with wireless keyboards and mice used to mean putting up with subpar performance and speed—not to mention issues like worrying about whether or not you have enough battery life while you’re gaming. But all that’s a thing of the past with the arrival of Logitech G’s cutting-edge POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System.

Fully compatible with wireless gaming mice including the G903 and G703, POWERPLAY is constantly charging even when you are in the middle of a gaming match. It also boasts built-in LIGHTSPEED technology, which eradicates typical wireless concerns over performance as it delivers more than twice the responsiveness and speed of some popular wired mice. 

It may sound like the tech of science-fiction but it is one-hundred percent science-fact. Get equipped with the Logitech G POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System today and say goodbye to the confines of wired gaming forever. 

Sponsored by Logitech